The Dead Poets Society (Julia's Version)

The Dead Poets Society (Julia's Version)

Hi friends!!

This is my first trial at having a blog. Growing up, and when Tumblr was much more mainstream, everyone wanted to write a successful blog. While this might not be Tumblr worthy of 2013 Julia, I wanted to try and start an online page with the shop to share lots of different things.

What are these things/topics of discussion? I'll try to share encouraging words, current projects, music I'm listening to, places of inspiration... honestly anything I feel like? While we might live in a world full of perfectly curated feeds, I want this blog to be much more casual. The goal is to share snippets of life running a small business while also having a full time job. These first few blogs are going to be introductions, but comment anything you'd like to see on this page! I love interacting with people!! 

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